Fusion 3000/3000 MZ

PAS Automatic Fusion Splicer

PAS automatic fiber optic fusion splicer fusion 3000

Fusion 3000MZ splicer

Aurora Optics introduces Profile Alignment System (PAS) with a difference: incredible speed. Using sub-pixel image processing, the most advanced single-board computer and frame grabber, and two simultaneous views of the fibers, the Fusion 3000 can inspect fiber ends, gap, align, splice, and make splice loss estimate in just 8 seconds. Overlapped fibers are corrected easily. Its vast memory can store results from up to 1000 splices for downloading, and it can accommodate up to 100 fiber program profiles, either factory-installed or user-developed. It comes in attractive and compact packaging, with battery, charger, built-in heater (or UltraSleeve closer), and many other accessories.

Fusion 3000/3000MZ Specifications

Parameter Value
Fiber Types Automatic alignment and fusion of single mode and multimode fiber
Fiber Diameter 100-140 µm; 125 µm standard
Buffer No limit
Fiber Viewing LCD video monitor, two simultaneous (X and Y) views (NTSC format)
Data Display Provides menus for splicing options, fiber profiles, and control; splice loss indication in dB after fusion of fiber
Splice Loss Estimation Splicer estimates extrinsic splice loss
Fully Programmable Microprocessor controlled. Profiles includes four stages of arc current and duration
Data Memory
Capacity to store data for up to 1000 splices. Output through integral RS232 port
Date/Time Accessible in main menu or splice data file
Arc High frequency AC, tungsten electrodes
Fiber Alignment Ruggedized piezo positioners with overtravel protection; three axis capability, alignment axes have 125 µm travel; feed axis has 75 µm
PAS Mode Sub-pixel image processing; simultaneous in 2 axes; average splice loss for single mode fiber 0.03 dB or less
Power AC input: auto-ranging 110-240VAC, 60W at 50/60 Hz. DC input: 10-15V, 60W
Battery 7.2 A-hr. lead-acid battery, 4 hours continuous use. 8 hours charge time for a fully discharged battery
Case Formed aluminum, "o"-ring sealed. Dust and watertight when cover is closed and latched. Shock resistant latches
Size 9 x 6 x 10.5 inch (22.5 x 15 x 26.3 cm)
Weight 13 pounds (5.9 kg)
Ambient Conditions 23 to 122 F (-5 to +50 C), 0-95% relative humidity
Built-In Heater Auto heat and cool cycles
RS232 Data Port For splicing file transfer; 9-pin D-sub connection

Fusion 3000/3000MZ Features

  • Automatic PAS alignment in both axes simultaneously
  • Fiber end angle measurement and gross defect detection
  • Large clear video monitor with wide viewing angle
  • Two simultaneous views of the fibers at 80 X
  • Splice data memory for up to 1000 splices
  • Capacity for 100 splice program profiles
  • RS 232 port allows downloading of splice data to computer
  • Built-in heater or UltraSleeve closing tool
  • Corrects fiber overlap

Fusion 3000/3000MZ Benefits

  • PAS insertion losses typically 0.03 dB on matched single mode fibers
  • Typical automatic splice cycle time of 8 seconds

Standard Accessories

  • Battery Charger
  • Spare Electrodes
  • Fiber Stripper
  • Fuse
  • Maintenance Tool Kit
  • External AC and DC Power Cords
  • Product Instruction Manual


  • Adjustable Splice Tray Holder
  • C1-01M High Precision Cleaver
  • Closer Tool for ACA UltraSleeve Splice Protectors
  • Work Light
  • Heater Timer Bypass