Aurora Optics specializes in fiber optic sensors, connectors, splices, cable assemblies, and optoelectronic systems. Aurora's talented staff of engineers and scientists have developed unique technologies, components, and systems in these areas for numerous customers. We can build assemblies to your drawings or custom design unique assemblies. 

Below are just a few examples of products which were developed in past research and development collaborations with clients, showcasing Aurora's capability and varied expertise in fiber optic technology.

Please contact us to discuss your specific optical, electrical, and mechanical requirements.

Connector Technology

• OPTALIGN fiber optic connector assembly fiber optic connector

• Wet-mateable fiber optic connectors wet-mateable fiber optic connectors

• Miniature all-dielectric push-pull single mode connectors,
both straight and right-angle (Sure Snap)sure snap single mode connectors

• Low-cost molded fiber termini for biomedical multi-termini
and hybrid connectors
fiber optic cable termini connectors

Fiber Optic Sensors

• Photoelastic sensing means (pressure sensor) fiber optic pressure sensor

• Photoelastic sensing device photoelastic fiber optic pressure sensor

Fiber Optic Technology

• Optical fiber coupling guide optical fiber coupling guide

• Underwater cable assemblies, fluid-filled and pressure balanced underwater fiber optic cable assembly

• Acousto-optic modulator pigtailed with polarization-
maintaining fiber
polarization-maintaining PM fiber

• Tachometer for rotation rate measurement in remote
locations or adverse environments, single fiber or dual fiber

Aurora Autocleaver

precision fiber optic cable cleaver
• An affordable precision benchtop fiber cleaver that does the work for you! The Aurora Autocleaver is a compact tool that performs the critical fiber score, tension, and break functions for you, minimizing operator variables and error, and delivering highly consistent fiber cleaves. It is designed to accept common fiber holders, so there is no need for close inspection and care to put the fiber into position – just drop the fiber holder in place – yet still get exactly the same cleave length every time. The Autocleaver is adjustable in both score force and fiber tension, so you can adapt it for a wide variety of fiber sizes and types, from 80 to 200 microns OD or more, including difficult coatings like amorphous carbon, polyimide, and titanium-treatment. Being compact and rugged it can be carried and used virtually anywhere. It operates from either a common 9-V battery or an external charger. And the Autocleaver is very modest in cost – no more than other precision cleavers that demand a high level of user skill and make you do all the work, and far less than other “benchtop” machines.