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Please inquire about our Fusion 4500 PM splicer, currently in development

Automatic Polarization-Maintaining (PM) Fusion Splicer

fusion 4000 automatic polarization maintaining fusion splicer

Fusion 4000 automatic PM fusion splicer

Aurora Optics has revolutionized the field of polarization-maintaining fiber splicing with a new way of identifying the fibers’ fast and slow axes. Any standard PM fibers can be measured and rotationally aligned, even elliptical core, without end launch or detection: Panda, PureMode, TruePhase, HiBi (“Bowtie”), Tiger, and E-core. In addition, the Fusion 4000 combines both fiber technologies for x-y-z alignment, Profile Alignment System (PAS) and Local Injection/Detection (LID) for the ultimate in splicing versatility. Aurora’s nanoscale piezo positioners allow core-to-core alignments on all standard fibers, not just SMF but also Er-doped, pm, NZ-DS, LEAF, and even multi-mode. And all can be controlled by an external computer when desired, for factory efficiency, datalogging, or more.

Fusion 4000 Specifications

Parameter Value
Polarization-maintaining Fibers
Fiber Types Panda (PureMode, TruePhase, etc.), elliptical clad (Tiger), HiBi (Bowtie), elliptical core 
Extinction Ratio 40 dB or better average on Panda; 38 dB or better on Tiger
Ratio Estimation
+ 6 dB average
Cycle Time 40 seconds or less on any standard pm fiber
Angular Resolution 0.06 degree
Insertion Loss 0.06 dB or less, Panda
Splice Loss Est. Accuracy + 0.03 dB average, PAS mode
Single Mode Fibers
Fiber Types        SMF, depressed clad, DSF, NZ-DS, DCF, LEAF, bend-resistant, high-strength, etc.
Insertion Loss                0.03 dB average or better on most types. 0.026 dB average on SMF
Loss Estimation SMF: + 0.025 dB average in PAS mode, + 0.016 dB average in LID mode
Cycle Time 10 to 12 seconds in PAS mode, 12 to 15 seconds in LID mode
Erbium-doped Fibers to SMF
Insertion Loss         0.15 dB or less, average
Loss Estimation + 0.043 dB average
Cycle Time 10 to 12 seconds in PAS mode, 12 to 15 seconds in LID mode
Fibers Spliced
62.5/125 um graded index, 50/125 and 100/140 um step index, others
Size 8.5 x 11.75 x 10.5 inches (21.25 x 30 x 26.5 cm)
Weight 12 pounds (5.5 kg)
Power AC input, auto-ranging, 110 – 220V, 50/60 Hz, 81 W average. also operates from 12 VDC
Monitor Size 5.7 inch diagonal
Operator Input soft touch keypad or pc
PC Interconnection           9-pin serial port
Data Display menus for splicing control, mode options, profiles selection, data files, downloads, machine settings, and control
Splice Data Memory 1000 files capacity

Fusion 4000 Features

  • Three fiber alignment technologies in one: rotational, PAS, and LID
  • 0.06 degree angular resolution
  • Aligns all standard pm fibers, even elliptical core
  • Nanoscale fiber positioning resolution in x, y, and z axes
  • Real time active alignment
  • Removable fiber holders
  • Large backlit LCD monitor
  • Full real-time pc control available
  • Rugged enough to be portable
  • Built in heat shrink oven

Fusion 4000 Benefits

  • Typical extinction ratios in excess of 40 dB
  • Pm cycle time less than 40 seconds, even on Tiger fiber, coating-clamped
  • Extinction ratio estimates
  • Analysis graph readouts
  • Typical SMF insertion loss less than 0.03 dB
  • LID system for active core-to-core power alignment, even on pm fibers
  • Core alignment of all fibers, including SMF, pm, MMF, DCF, NZ-DS, Er-doped, and mismatches
  • Most accurate loss estimates in LID mode
  • Usable on 12 VDC
  • Made in America

Standard Accessories

  • Spare Electrodes
  • Left And Right Fiber Holders
  • Transparent Cover
  • Power Supply
  • 4.5-AH Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Module Remoting Cable
  • Fiber Stripper
  • Fiber Cleaning And Protection Supplies
  • Maintenance Tool Kit
  • AC Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • Carrying Case


  • C1-01M Fixtured Cleaver
  • Thermal Stripper
  • Fiber Holders For Various Coatings
  • Heat Oven
  • High Performance Padded Carrying Case
  • 7.5-AH 12Vdc Battery Belt Or Vest